Hi folks, Andrea here and I’m the woman in charge over here at Goal Line Media.  If you’re new to our business, you might be asking “what’s the deal with your name?” I will do my best to keep this brief. My partner and I began Goal Line Media as a local sports Goal_Line Fphotography and writing project in Visalia, California. We used our website as a platform to share sports action photos with friends and parents of athletes and to also publish our portfolio of freelance articles. In a few short years, the project shifted focus and grew into a business, offering consulting services to businesses, families and athletes.

Goal Line Media’s services range from photography to media consultations. While there is always a lot going on at Goal Line Media, we pride ourselves on our constant expansion. We are always learning new ways to help you reach your personal and business goals in this ever-evolving digital age.
While we currently operate out of a “home office” space, Goal Line Media plans to open a public office space where we can continue to grow our team of developing photographers and videographers.


To Book a Photo Session:

Contact our “Queen of the Calendar” Analicia at 559-737-1427 or email goallinemediaca@gmail.com

For A Consultation (Business Services, Event Photography or Highlight Videos):

Contact Andrea at 559-737-1421 or email dreac18@hotmail.com

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Andrea’s Credentials:madera-7310

If a project involves writing, photography or design, count me in! My world has revolved around these three areas of creativity for as long as I can remember. My journalistic training began early, in high school and continued into college where I took the helm of the student newspaper at Saint Mary’s College of California while working toward a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature.

Immediately after college,  I began an eight year career at a local newspaper, covering amateur and professional sports, local news, entertainment and even a little education. This position required daily reporting, research, writing, photography and graphic design and led to several California Newspaper Association Awards and other local recognition.

GL Media_Square_Tilt_TransparentEventually, I moved into the world of marketing at one of the state’s top Administration teams in the health insurance industry. This is where I expanded my graphic design skills to create marketing material, online content and create social media presence.

Around the same time, Goal Line Media won its contract with one of the largest churches in Visalia. Acting as a communications coordinator for the church has enabled me to sharpen my skills in project implementation, website content management, branding and videography.

This 20-year career in communications and marketing; partnered with our connection to local artists and other knowledgeable consultants has equipped Goal Line Media to work effectively with you to meet your goals.

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